Solar Electric installed in Penticton.

Resolution Electric has installed Solar hot water and Solar electric systems to the new energy efficient homes of the Penticton Indian Band.

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Solar Pool Heating makes sense.

Resolution Electric will install a Solar Pool System from as little as $3,800 and this will provide solar pool heating for up to 20 years!

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Elimate cold showers and install a Solar Hot Water system.

Resolution Electric installs evacuated tube solar hot water systems.

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Many people purchase houses and work towards becoming mortgage free. Why not look at electricity in the same way. You rent electricity from your provider to use in your home. Why not purchase a Solar Electric system and own your own electricity. Each month you will save money and if you take out a loan for the system, the money you save can be used to pay back the loan and in the end you will own your electric. How cool is that!

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